Store Policies


Payment Methods Accepted


Our store checkout is powered by PayPal, through which you can use any major credit card.




Due to an unacceptably high number of delays and non-delivery of items in other lands resulting in disgruntlement and loss of revenue & merchandise, we can no longer offer our goods to buyers outside the United States & its possessions. A combination of increased postal security, the requirement by the USPS for Customs Declarations on all packages & packets, and the lack of recognition of that Customs Declaration as Proof of Mailing by the powers that be, prevent us from being an international seller any longer.

Perhaps you can find a friend or an agent who can buy it, pay for it with a US address, receive the item and send it along to you.



Unless otherwise stated at time of sale, any item with which you are dissatisfied may be returned in the same condition and in sufficient packaging to preserve that condition on its way back to us. Please contact us to explain your problem before returning an item.